SUP Yoga

Stand-Up Paddleboarding & YOGA


„It helps us to keep the fun in our practice and always puts a huge smile on our face.“

„Taking everything you love about yoga and adding a touch of nature, adventure and fun.“

SUP & YOGA is available to everyone!

Classes for all levels, from beginners to life-long yogis!

Yoga classes – SUP & YOGA FLOW

Are designed to create a supportive environment for students of all levels. A SUP YOGA session with us will start with a brief introduction on the beach to familiarize you with the equipment and teach you the correct ways to handle the board on and off the water. Following this, we will set off into the calm waters to have a warm up paddle. After a short paddle you anchor down and put your paddle and worries behind you to enjoy SUP&YOGA FLOW, pure bliss on the water.Instructors offer variations Classes for all levels, from beginners to life-long yogis!and modifications to add ease or challenge to each pose, ensuring your practice remains your own.

These open water classes will use breath-work and utilize poses that release tension, quiet the mind, strengthen the body and ease the spirit. SUP YOGA FLOW helps build greater awereness for weight distribution in your postures. A combination of basic asana postures interwined with core strengthening, balance and some inversion practice leads you to final relaxation. Each class will draw to a close with a sweet savasana (final relaxation) in which students will be encouraged to lay down on their backs, float their hands in the water and feel the sea flow beneath them.

Just bring your playfulness and sense of adventure!


was created by a group of water loving yogis who wish to share their passion of the sea and yoga with others. We combine our love of the sea to bring people closer to their true nature and inner joy.

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